Fellowship Recipient Andrea Stolowitz

Andrea Stolowitz
Andrea Stolowitz  is a 2012 Oregon Literary Fellowship recipient in drama.

Andrea is a graduate of the MFA playwriting program at the University of California San Diego. She currently teaches at Willamette University and the University of Portland, and has served on the theater studies faculty at Duke University and UC San Diego. She is a founding member of Playwrights West and is the Portland Regional Representative to the Dramatists Guild. Andrea’s plays, Bad Family, Seascapes, Playing the Course, Berlin Circles, Hotel Traumbad, and Geological Disturbances have been finalists or winners for numerous awards and prizes.

When asked what’s in the works, Andrea says: “The next play I intend to write centers around women soldiers. I have been very interested in the experience of women soldiers both in terms of what they experience during their military service, but also once they return home. Currently women veterans have a significantly higher suicide rate than their male counterparts. I am interested in interviewing women veterans and hearing about their combat experience and their civilian experience.”

In his judge's comments, H.L. Hix wrote: “We the audience are not suspended between events, as is most typical… In Antarktikos, Stolowitz suspends us instead between two conditions.  Are we in Antarctica or in Oregon?  Are we with [the character] Susan in the present time, or with the Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1913… The power of this form of suspense is that we are not released from it.  Stolowitz’s Antarktikos will continue to haunt its viewers long after a performance of it ends.”

We asked Andrea if she had any advice for this year's fellowship applicants. She replied:
Don't take any rejections personally. Remember to open the champagne for the smallest positive development. Don't forget to remind yourself you are good at what you do. Develop a thick skin and decide what you need to live your life and make your art and don't divert from that until you your heart tells you to.

Applications for the 2013 Oregon Literary Fellowships are due June 29, 2012. There is no charge to apply! Fellowships are awarded in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and young readers literature. Fellowships are also offered for independent publishers. Fellowships will be awarded in the amount of $2500.

Fellowship applications can be found online at: http://www.literary-arts.org/oba-home/apply/fellowships/  

Or email Susan Denning, she will send you an application!